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Haskell County

Join Haskell County 4-H

Extension 4-H youth development programs are open to all youth who are residents of Kansas between the date of their 7th birthday through December 31, of the year in which they turn 19. Extension 4-H youth programs and materials are available without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex or disability.

Participating in some parts of the 4-H program may require enrollment or ownership deadlines. Those deadlines are to ensure that exhibits or presentations reflect knowledge and skills gained in 4-H project experience. They are not to keep boy and girls from joining and participating in other parts of 4-H at any time during the year.

Join a club!

4-H clubs generally meet monthly, and nearly every community in Kansas has at least one. These meetings give youth opportunities to share their project work (speak), plan community service activities, and practice running meetings. They have many ‘sub-clubs’ for individual projects, led by adults or teens within the club. For specialized projects like shooting sports, many counties have county-wide project clubs that operate in a similar fashion.

Joining a 4-H Club is easy!  Edwards County is always welcoming new members.  While the 4-H year begins on October 1, you can join a club during any time of the year.  We suggest you visit with a few of the club leaders listed below to find a club that will work for you and your family.  Then all you need to do is attend your club meetings and fill out enrollment forms...and you can start "Making the Best Better!"